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We power immersive experiences to achieve a new level of engagement and conversion among brands, creators and communities.


We are a Jetsynthesys company focused on advanced AI and Immersive technology offerings.
Metaphy provides the platform to elevate your brand to a whole new reality.
Our team of specialists will help you create the biggest impact on your business.

Our solutions powering the best in class experiences

Our modular platform is designed to build and deliver brand immersion needs faster and better.
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Deliver virtual humans capabilities to serve, engage and develop deeper connections with audience. We power virtual celebrities, mascots & digital workforces.
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Design, craft, launch and grow brand, enterprise & industrial metaverse experiences across web and mobile.
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Real-time data on engagement rates, conversion, channel metrics and advanced cross platform analytics.
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Bespoke Solutions

Metaphy helps you strategize, build, & maintain world leading TX, tailored for your organizations needs.
Web & Mobile native
Plug & Play integrations
940% Improved engagement
Photorealistic experiences

Some of our work...

Check below what we can do with Metaphy solutions.

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India's most advanced digital human

Arya - virtual supermodel

Powered by Metaphy's XMachina AI model and designed on Unreal Engine Metahuman suite, Arya is one of the most sophisticated virtual influencers. She stands for women empowerment, healthy beauty standards and can engage in human like conversions with her audience in real time.
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What they say about us

”Build their own virtual worlds and a wide range of customizable immersive user experiences.”

“The Pune-headquartered JetSynthesys, with offices in Europe, the UK, and the US, is backed by Kris Gopalakrishnan, Adar Poonawalla, Sachin Tendulkar, and the multi-billion-dollar family offices of the promoters of Thermax, Triveni Group, Yohan Poonawalla Group and DSP Group.”
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Building the foundational metaverse

Fashion Experience

We developed one of the most photorealistic luxury virtual worlds as part of our product showcase using ImmersionX. Garnered wide acclaim at the prestigious IEFT 2023 event from industry leaders and experts.
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What they say about us

”Aims to facilitate the democratization of the metaverse experience by providing ‘metaverse as a service’ (MAAS) to brands”

Metaphy Labs aims to help brands ramp up user engagement using Web 3 technology to create the same magic for the user sitting at home or anywhere in the world.”
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Powering enterprise twins


Custom built to integrate and replicate production workspaces of industrial and enterprise environments to simulate real-time behavior and arrive at better outcomes at lower costs. Real estate, manufacturing & supply chain being prime sectors focused on.
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What they say about us

”We are creating a product suite that would power metaverses for Indian and global brands”

“Our vision with the company is to take India to the next level of innovation and disruption
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Automobile - real estate - education

3D configurators

Cross device compatible 3D configurator for commercial real estate and product walk throughs. Prospective buyers would be able to remotely access and configure apartments, cars and much more in real-time collaboration with designers and sales teams. 200% increase in buyer satisfactions and conversion compared to video calls or landmark visits.
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What they say about us

”We have earmarked $50 million to invest in metaverse over the next three years”

“leverages advanced capabilities in artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and AR/VR to leverage the digital ecosystem of India”
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Find out more about our development process

Understand our 4 development steps
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Explore business opportunities, define scope and strategy with ROI as a North Star.
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Using Metaphy product suites, we power your brands future.
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Define marketing strategies to get the most out of the engagement potential.
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Collect and analyze data, connect with users / partners, and receive post-launch advisory and actionables.